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Base Camp 101: Choosing the Right Family Camping Tent

When dealing with your family base camp, it is important to select one that is the perfect fit for your whole family. You have a lot of things to consider when buying the best family tent, not just the number of people who’ll be staying there. You have to consider the various designs and types of tents, the physical set-up and livability, waterproofing, and wind shielding including other camping features and accessories that will make your camping trip and enjoyable one for the entire family.

Family Tent Varieties for Base Camping

You have three options to choose from when looking for a family camping tent. It consists of dome style family camping tents that resembles backpacking tents but more durable and have better wind protection. It has a tall roof. But there is a slight slope on the side that lessens the actual space for head room and livable area inside. It is easier to come in and out of cabin-style tents because they feature nearly vertical wall structures. Some even include awnings as well as room dividers. Screen rooms or sun shelters have meshes that help ward off mosquitoes especially at night. The disadvantage is that it can’t protect you from the rain.
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Family Camping Tent Livability and Tent Setup are Crucial
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You need to consider different factors when searching for the ideal family camping tent. For example, check the maximum height of the tent to make sure you have enough space to move around, change clothes, and relax while camping. Make sure you choose comfort first over other things.

Ease of Access, Windprotection, and Protection from the Rain are Vital

Do you want a tent that has one or a couple of doors? What shape do you like? How about rainfly coverage considerations? They can protect you from the rain even storms. You have two choices. There is one that only covers the roof and the other that offers full coverage. The full coverage type ensures you are waterproof but have to endure poor ventilation as a result.

Transporting Family Camping Tent and Other Camping Stuff

Think about how heavy the tent is and how difficult it is to set up. Remember to check for interior pockets and loops where you can hide some of the camping accessories you have brought along you would likely need during your camping trip.

The tips mentioned here are just some of the things you need to bear in mind when searching for the best tent for families.