Will Yoli Blast Caps Be a Blast For Business

Yoli Blast Caps is totted to be the biggest shakeup in the multi-billion dollar beverage industry but is this just hype. The company states that Yoli is unlike other beverages because it has all of the good ingredients and none of the bad ingredients. The company boasts that most nutritional beverages loose 80 percent of their nutrients through the bottling process. Many of the so called nutritional drinks on the market are full of artificial ingredients, preservatives, sugars and additives.

Yoli combats this process by taking the most natural nutrients and ingredients and flash-freezing them, and loading them into a Blast Cap. The process keeps all the antioxidants, nutrient rich goodness encapsulate until the Blast Cap is twisted and the ingredients are release and a quick shake ready to quench your thirst. The company has over three hundred patents pending on the Blast Cap technology. The company wants to become a billion dollar brand and a household name. The Blast Cap keeps the product fresh until it is ready for consumption which gives the product a long self life.

The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and was established by six mlm distributors that have built multi-million dollar organizations. The six founders are Robby fender, Michael Pritchard, Daren Falter, Rick Eisele, Bobby Jones and Corey Citron and their philosophy is built by distributors for distributors. The Yoli compensation plan is based on a Binary compensation plan which mean that you have to legs to build your team of distributors. The key to a Binary Plan is to find several strong leaders for each leg which many industry top earners believe are the best way to grow an organization.

The start up cost for the Yoli Business or Distributorship is less than $300. The Energy Drink Business is a 50 Billion Dollar a year Business and growing. The energy drink industry is a very competitive industry with many similar products in the network marketing industry. The major soft drink companies have seen the potential in this market and have their own energy drink products that they have added to their distribution chains.

More and more people are searching online to find additional ways to earn an income and companies like Yoli will benefit from the many Google searches for a Home Based Businesses and Internet Opportunities. These businesses all have a fairly low start up cost but also have a high failure rate. The failure rate can be attributed to several factors which are lack of a business mindset for new distributors. A second factor is many people start these businesses as a part time venture and do not give the business the priority that it deserves with an on again off again attitude.

A third factor is getting discouraged, not realizing that this type of business is a numbers game and you will hear many no’s before you hear a yes for your product or opportunity. A forth factor is a form of support for their online business. Many online business failure is do to lack of support received through means such as coaching or mentoring. A fifth factor is lack of capital, after the initial investment there are many additional costs such as marketing, education, additional products, software and services required to grow the business that were not anticipated.

To be one of the 3 percent that succeed instead of one of the 97 percent that fail in the online or home based business. There is a step by step blueprint or business plan that needs to be followed to assure your online success.

Be Seen As a Green Business

After years of warnings, scientific studies and campaigning, environmental concerns have finally hit the mainstream. These days the general public is far more knowledgeable about the impact of their actions on the planet than ever before. This means that not only are they thinking about more ethical ways to run their own day-to-day lives, but they are also searching for companies and goods providers who can show them that they are doing their best to lessen their environmental impact too.

Therefore, raising the environmental profile of their business and ensuring that they are recognised as ethical traders has become an issue for many companies. More and more frequently, customers are found to be technologically savvy when it comes to researching companies. The advent of the internet has ensured that people have access to a lot of information that was once hard for them to come by. This means that companies who simply claim to be taking steps to cut their emissions without doing the back-end work can find themselves exposed and in hot water.

Luckily, there are many green initiatives available and there are solutions to suit businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. Depending of the type of company you own and the scale of your business, the amount of work you have to do to green your business will vary but there are some initiatives that can be implemented right away. These include simple measures such as ensuring staff only commute when strictly necessary or making certain that paper consumption is kept to a minimum. For example, technologies such as cloud computing can help businesses take a lot of their work online, therefore meaning they can work remotely and without the need of hardcopies of documentation.

Other ways to green your business include ensuring that you are using green suppliers yourself. After all, to green your business to the best of your ability and then find out you use the services of a notorious culprit could negate some of your hard work.

For many businesses energy consumption is one of their most significant costs as well being the area that has the biggest impact on the environment. The by-products of such energy sources are a huge problem when it comes to lowering carbon emissions. There are other choices however, and many businesses are looking into alternative sources of energy such as wind-generated power or solar energy.

In many instances, the energy saving initiatives you implement are sure to save you money too. Especially when oil and fuel prices are high. Whether you are simply thinking of enforcing a green policy that sees all your members of staff following simple rules such as turning off all of their equipment at night or you’re thinking of investing in green technology such as wind turbines, cutting your energy consumption or sourcing and supping your energy differently can save you a lot of money going forward.

Cut costs, improve your public profile and save the planet in a few easy steps by looking into ways you can boost green initiatives within your business – many changes are likely to be easier and more efficient than you might expect.

Take Your Travel Biz Further and Become Financially Independent

Recently, it seems there has been plenty of negative press surrounding YTB; but, the most important thing for you to realize is that if you educate yourself about the program, you can make plenty of money.

For many years, the travel industry has proven to be very lucrative, and YTB has been developed to fit the niche perfectly. If you take the time to educate yourself about the compensation plan, the organizational model, and the marketing efforts, you will be able to capture a large piece of this financial pie with Your Travel Biz.

At the outset, the YTB compensation plan offers three levels, including the first team, the power team, and the Dream team. Unfortunately, it is difficult to make a lot of money with your first team, whether or not you are footing the bill to keep the business running. However, the money will begin to roll in slowly once you have established your first team; it will come in even more quickly when you have created a power team. Ultimately, those on dream teams will begin to reap large financial rewards.

It is important that you do not enter the industry expecting dream team results if you lack experience in the MLM industry. If you are starting at the bottom, it will take quite some time to build your business. In fact, just learning how to effectively run a good home-based MLM campaign can be time consuming.

Anything you wish to find out about moving up the ranks and how you will be rewarded for doing so can be found at the company’s official website. The most important thing to consider before embarking on an exploration of any network marketing company’s website, though, is your level of experience. You just simply cannot expect to build a dream team from the outset if you are new to the industry or the concept of network marketing. You must approach any website with realistic expectations.

How you plan on running your business is the most important thing you must consider when it comes to making money. Your development of teams and how you market your opportunity will play a huge role in whether you remain at the entry level or if you move up through the ranks at a fast pace. To achieve dream team status, you will have to polish your entrepreneurial skills. You will need to host training seminars, keep your teams motivated and educated, and manage effectively and ethically.

The more you use the internet as a resource, the better off you will be with Your Travel Biz and YTB. You can’t help but profit because so many travel reservations are made and booked online. Most people travel the world to explore things different than their own surroundings. As we become more and more of a global society, they will continually rely on the internet for this very purpose.

It is obvious that Your Travel Biz can be a ticket to your own financial freedom, but you need to be willing to pay the initial price. You will need to invest time and effort into educating yourself about your business and growing it the proper way.